Ecolabel Certification

ECOLABEL IT / 025/280 since 2009

The fact that we have received so sophisticated a seal of approval is a testament to our high attention and our great respect for the environment. To this end, we photovoltaic systems, solar thermal energy for sanitary water production as well as a 5 star heating installed, in which the condensate is collected. Our air conditioner has the energy class A, 70% of our lighting is fitted with LED lamps. Of course, we separate our garbage. To conserve water, corresponding to 7 bathrooms “Classic” rooms, 4 “De Luxe” rooms and 1 “superior” room of the EU Directive by no bidet was installed to reduce water consumption. In addition, we have a wastewater reclamation system for irrigation.

Water, as we all know, is a valuable asset for the whole of humanity!

The numerous renovations make us proud that we have become more environmentally friendly 65%. We hope in this way to be a role model and to preserve our planet for our children’s future!

So if you find no bidet in some rooms or we ask you to separate the waste or to save energy by using their electronic magnetic card, then please remember that you show your respect for the environment so.

Thanks for your attention,

GIancarlo Ruggieri
General Manager